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After being on a long hiatus, I'm coming back to the reviewing world. (Subject to change at any time.) PLEASE read ALL of the following review policy BEFORE emailing me to request a review. I am also open to giveaways, spotlights, guest posts, and interviews.

Book Review Policy:
Important: I do NOT post a review of a book that I do not like. I usually do not finish these books anyway, so they get marked as DNF. I have made the decision to only spotlight books that I do enjoy on this blog. Some may feel this isn't right to not give honest reviews of all of the books, but I simply do not need or want the drama that is involved with the accusations of author bashing and the retaliation of blogger bashing that seems to run rampant lately. 

Also note up front that I am only accepting LIMITED books for review now. I will not be reviewing anywhere near the amount that I was before. I may only take up to 4 books per month. Please do not take offense if I do not accept your book. With my other commitments, I simply do not have time to review very many. And if I have a good book, I have been known to read whole days away while getting little else done.

I accept books for review from authors and publishers. I am currently accepting YA, NA, and Adult in the following genres: Contemporary, romance, some paranormal, some dystopian/post-apocalyptic, some fantasy. I also accept some MG and Children's books. I will accept a small number of non-fiction books, but I am mostly interested in Gluten-Free cookbooks or other Gluten-Free books and Homeschooling related books.

I gladly accept books from indie/self-published authors (but please do yourself a favor and have it edited first).

I now only accept ARCs or recently published books. If you have a book releasing soon and would like for me to review it, please contact me to get on the list even if the review copy is not ready to send at the time of the email. 

Print copies are preferred, but I do accept eBooks. You must be able to provide a copy that will work on a Kindle because I will not spend time converting it. (I would apologize for that remark, but that is just the way it is. This is a hobby, not a job. My time is valuable too, and I am doing you a favor by giving you the time it takes to read and review your book, so please do me a favor by sending me a copy that is ready for me to read.)

Reviews on this blog will be short and sweet. I may give a few sentences about my general thoughts and then I will give a "you may like this book if" and a "you may not like this book if." If you do not like this and you want a more detailed review, then, by all means, please pass by this blog and contact one of the many other book bloggers.

I post my reviews on this blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. 

Please do NOT include a copy of your book in the initial review request.

I apologize, but I will not respond if I cannot accept your book for review. I also will most likely not contact you to let you know when the review is being posted.

Reviews are not necessarily done in the order books are received, although I do try to follow this in most cases.

All reviews are my honest opinions. Providing a review copy does not guarantee a positive review.

Please contact Tami at krazybooklady(at)gmail(dot)com to request a review.


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