Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Nate Rocks the World by Karen Pokras Toz

Nate Rocks the World by Karen Pokras Toz
Published: 2011
Published by: Grand Daisy Press

Ten-year-old Nathan Rockledge cannot catch a break. After all, life as a fourth-grader can be hazardous what with science projects to deal with and recess football games to avoid. Everyone, including his best friend Tommy, seems to have bad luck when hanging around Nathan. Throw in an older sister who is a royal pain, a dad who is stuck in the past, and a mom who keeps trying to poison him with her awful cooking, and poor Nathan’s life as a fourth grader appears to be completely doomed. Armed only with his sketchpad, his imagination, and his wits, Nathan Rockledge navigates the perils of the fourth grade in style, to emerge heroic, as Nate Rocks, proving that even a ten-year-old can accomplish great things. Follow the quirky and imaginative adventures of ten-year-old Nathan Rockledge as his cartoons come to life.

My thoughts:
Poor Nathan. He has a big sister who is a pain and a mom who cannot cook or sew but still insists on making his lunches and his Halloween costumes. He also has to put up with a science project partner who tells her mom everything, who then in turn tells his mom. Is it any wonder he likes to lose himself in his imagination and his sketching? Unfortunately for Nate, he doesn't always get good ideas when his cartoons come to life.

I found Nate Rocks the World to be cute and funny. It reminded me of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but without the illustrations. There is a surprise ending that I did not see coming. This book is geared for approximately ages 7 to 12. In some places, it may be just a little too detailed for the attention spans of the younger ones, and they may lose interest. However, overall, this is a great book to read with the kids in the younger range and for the older kids who enjoy chapter books. It would be very easy for kids this age to relate to Nate. Especially if they also have big imaginations. Wait, what kid doesn't?

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A copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. My daughter loves the Wimpy Kid series, so I bet she'll love this one. I'll have to tell Santa to pick her up a copy for Christmas!



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