Monday, May 28, 2012

What is JuNoWriMo?

Guest Post by Becca Campbell

Some writers are crazy. They like to participate in events like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where you write 50,000 words in thirty days. (That’s a full novel—or close to it—in just a month!) Other writers are even more insane. They think doing just one of those whirlwind challenges a year isn’t enough. I fall into the latter category. Hence the origination of JuNoWriMo.
JuNoWriMo is a motivational tool to write 50,000 words in thirty days. June Novel Writing Month is almost the exact same thing as NaNoWriMo, but it happens in June instead of November.


So why June, you might be wondering. Honestly, I picked June because it worked well for me. My goal is to write two novels a year and June is far enough from November to be doable. It’s also a relatively calm month (for me).
I actually wasn’t the first one to think of doing it. When I had the idea, I Googled it and found that JuNoWriMo had been done in the past (and called various names), but it wasn’t a consistent event and I couldn’t find anyone who was doing it this year. Until now.

My friend and partner in crime Anna Howard has helped bring the whole thing to life. She designed our crisp, clean and catchy website along with rad JuNoWriMo t-shirts that are to die for.

We already have a great number of participants signed up for the event (around 70 and counting!). If you’re a writer or if you’re a wannabe writer who still hasn’t started that first novel, JuNoWriMo is for you!

What’s in it for Me?

If you’re wondering why you should participate, there is a plethora of reasons. But instead of telling you what’s in it for you, I’m going to tell you what’s in it for me. Then, you can decide if you relate to any of my motivations.

Why would I go to the trouble of coming up with this weird spin-off acronym? After all, if I wanted to write a book in June, I could just do it, right?

I consider myself a serious writer. I’ve written two books via NaNoWriMo with a strict deadline and two other books on my own time. I much prefer the former. I thrive under pressure. My free time is limited, so I’m always looking for things that force me to take advantage of every moment. JuNoWriMo does this. November ensures I get one book written every year. But for me, one NaNoWriMo a year isn’t enough. That’s why by doing JuNoWriMo, I’m pushing myself further to make sure I get that second novel written.

The social aspect of JuNoWriMo is a big factor for me. I have a competitive streak and an interest in meeting more writers. This challenge feeds both of those desires. We’ll have regular word wars and word sprints where you can race with other writers to write the most words in, say, twenty minutes. I absolutely love word sprints! I never knew writing could feel so face-paced until I tried one. And best of all, doing word wars seriously boosted my hourly word count. It’s a win-win situation.

Through NaNoWriMo last year alone I met dozens of new writers. I loved that it was so easy to make new friends, find out about cool blogs and expand my Twitter reach. There was always someone to chat with, whether I wanted to vent about a story problem or whine about not being in the mood to write or be congratulated for kicking butt on word count. It’s like having a community of writers surrounding you at all times.

When you sign up on the JuNoWriMo site you have the option of “friending” your fellow participants as well as creating groups. It’s our hope that through this event you’ll not just make friends but start your own writing and critique groups. Not only are other writers great support, but they can give you helpful feedback once your novel is finished.

Are You in?
If JuNoWriMo sounds like something you’d like to try, go to the site and sign up now. You can also “like” our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news like our Virtual Kick-off party that’s happening on May 31st.
I’ve created a Twitter list of JuNoWriMo participants so that it’s easy for us to follow each other. Once you sign up, send me a tweet (@beccajcampbell) and I’ll add you to the list. Subscribe to that list to meet your fellow participants (!/JuNoWriMo/junowrimo-tweeps). You may also want to follow me and Anna Howard (@aehowardwrites) if you aren’t already. That way you’ll have the inside scoop.

I can’t wait for June!

Are you up for the challenge?

About the author:
An avid lover of stories that tiptoe the line between fantasy and reality (even when they plunge off one side or the other), Becca Campbell looks for new angles on bridging the gap between the two. She holds a special place in her heart for any story that involves superpowers or time travel. Her passion is defying the limits of her own creativity.

Her first novel, Foreign Identity (available for $.99 on Amazon), crosses between the genres of science fiction and suspense with a dash of romance thrown in. Readers have compared it to the television show Lost. Her second, Gateway to Reality, is an urban fantasy story and is scheduled to be published fall of 2012.

Becca authors Inspiration for Creation, a blog that encourages writers and artists to tap into their creative sides. You can also find her on Facebook at


  1. Thanks for posting about this. I'm signed up. I'm probably crazy for doing it, but I'm going to got for it anyway. =O)

  2. I'll check it out, though I'm not sure June will work, what with Sprite being out of school for the summer... thanks for the info!

  3. JuNoWriMo sounds awesome. I'm a bit confused, though -- is this like OLL's Camp NaNoWriMo? They sound really similar, and since I was planning on doing Camp NaNo in June, I was just wondering how the two events differed...?

    1. Hannah,

      It's about the same thing. JuNoWriMo is more flexible where you can also do nonfiction or work from a partially-written draft.

      Also, I don't know if Camp NaNo is in June every year, although I heard they decided to do it that way this year.

      We're totally cool if people want to sign up and count their words for both events. It's all about being apart of a community, anyway.

    2. Thanks for your reply :)

  4. I'm going to be crazy enough to try it. Nothing can hurt a try.

  5. It sounds fun, but since I am in the middle of revising my current WIP it's a bad time for me. Otherwise I'd join.



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