Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blog Tours by Krazy Book Lady?

So, I have found that I do indeed miss the blog and very much miss the interaction with all of the authors and book bloggers. I would love to revive Krazy Book Lady (especially since it is getting so many hits still, even when there is no new material), but I still do not have the huge amount of time to invest that I once had. Therefore, I am considering posting the occasional review, guest post, or interview but also offering blog tours and book blasts.

I am well aware there are lots of sites already offering blog tours, so I was wondering if there is any interest if these services are provided by Krazy Book Lady.

What is in it for the authors?
I would set up blog tours or book blasts for you on established blogs with a good following. Once things got going, I could be more specific about what that means, but each blog would need to already have a certain number of followers and/or be blogging for a certain amount of time before being included on your blog tour. Your book and tour would be advertised on Krazy Book Lady and promoted through all of Krazy Book Lady's social media.

What is in it for bloggers?
Each month I would hold a giveaway, for perhaps a $20 gift card, and each time you hosted a blog tour would equal one entry. So if you hosted two, you would have two entries and so on. I would also hope to have a tour wide giveaway attached to each blog tour. Your post on your tour day would be heavily promoted through all of Krazy Book Lady's social media.

Before I get everything set up, I was wondering if I could see if there was some initial interest from authors who would be interested in having a blog tour set up by me and bloggers who would be interested in hosting by putting up a review, guest post, or interview.

Please fill out the form below and let me know what you think. 

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