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The Bridge of Deaths by M.C.V. Egan - Anniversary of the True Life Event

The Bridge of Deaths

By M.C.V. Egan is a paranormal, historical romance based on true events from 1939. The story is presented through the eyes of a young couple in present day London and by a woman in Florida who is the obsessed granddaughter of one of the men who lost their lives that day. The book is carefully footnoted so that any curious reader can find the file, book or newspaper where all of the information is found. The journey for the reader is through the possibility of the paranormal in the use of past-life regressions documented from a source who today requests to remain anonymous, as well as from various psychics and a Peruvian Shaman. The journey through the paranormal is as compelling as the journey through the well-known and little known events leading up to WW II.

The Event

On the morning of Tuesday August 15th 1939 a passenger plane from British Airways LTD left London, England en route to Stockholm, Sweden. The G-AESY Lockheed Electra 10A was to make two stops on its way to Stockholm; Hamburg, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark. The plane and passengers never made it to the latter and the pilot was the only survivor that day when five deaths were reported.

My Maternal Grandfather

Amongst the dead was my maternal grandfather, Cesar Agustin Castillo; a 42-year-old bio-chemical engineer who worked for Standard Oil of New Jersey, the most fascinating man I never met. Surrounded by his collection of books in mysterious languages, his carefully bound collection of National Geographic magazines from the 1930s and a wide array of other mementos, he was as well the most important relative I never met.   As I embarked on a quest for answers and stories surrounding his life, but more so his death, I discovered that the other men on board became important to me as well, and so I researched them as well as best I could. The easiest to research was Anthony Crommelin Crossley, poet, politician, athlete and fisherman.

The Politician

As an English Member of Parliament at the time of his death, this 36-year-old man left an astonishing amount of ‘footprints in the sands of time’ from all his endeavors. Found only as a footnote in most history books as one of the anti-appeasers during the Munich Pact of 1938 or as a blatant lie in the pages of the infamous David Irving book Churchill’s War. Anthony Crossley was visible in numerous events, some of which are still relevant to the world today. Anthony Crommelin Crossley was the sole voice for the Arab cause during the 1930s discussions in regards to The Palestinian Territories. He aptly predicted in 1932 exactly how WW II would begin through the Polish Corridor. Interacted with Generalissimo Franco in Spain and as a Catholic had ties to the Holy See. It is difficult to understand how such a man could have fallen through the proverbial cracks of history.

The Paranormal

The book is presented as a paranormal love story in which a young couple opens their mind to the possibility of past lives and as such finds that they are linked to the events of August 15th 1939. The search takes this young couple to some of the archives I used for my research in the UK, The National Archives at Kew, the Colindale Newspaper Archives in London and the British Airways Archives, at the time located in South Hounslow, near Heathrow. Where I spent the better part of June in 1996 copying by hand every piece of paper from the file due to the fear that I may be opening a ‘can of worms’ I was not allowed to photocopy the files that year.

The Romance

The young couple Bill and Maggie’s search helps them find a woman across the Atlantic who is obsessed to find out what happened that day, the day her grandfather died. The woman is that small part in my complicated and full life, that small part, which focused only on this story, I am a busy married parent, whereas she is so consumed by the story that there is room for nothing else in her little life. She is alone and surrounded by her files and books as if they were the people in her life. Her five corpses are her friends. She too has sought the help of the paranormal in her search.

The Search

Making good use of today’s technology and the information superhighway, I allowed the characters to get the answers to their questions in an interesting and interactive way. I love when my readers tell me what conclusions they formed and how they felt they were in search of history and search of philosophies themselves. The Bridge of Deaths carefully analyzes the data from the autopsies reluctantly performed twice in Denmark so that the reader also gets his/her CSI investigator type of rush. The information is presented and questioned, but the reader is given the benefit of expert opinions from a noted pathologist in South Florida as alternate possibilities. The point of the book is that while informing and entertaining the reader, the windows of possibilities and conclusions are at the end for each an every-one who enjoys the book to make.

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About the author:
M.C.V. Egan lives in South Florida with her husband and teenage son. She is fluent in four languages; English,Spanish,French and Swedish. From a young age became determined to solve the 'mystery' of her grandfather's death, she has researched this story for almost two decades. The story has taken her to Denmark, England and unconventional world of past lives and psychics. 

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