Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest Post: Take a Vacation with Your Imagination!

Four easy steps to taking that dream vacation without spending a dime.

Guest post by author Krystle Jones

Life: the ultimate pinball machine

It’s 6 am. You’re still asleep, blissfully unaware that it’s the dawn of a new day. Then without warning, the baby starts crying, the alarm goes off, and in general, all hell begins to break loose throughout the house. You’re wrenched out of your peaceful dreamland and dropped right back into the chaotic mess that is often our lives.

Okay, maybe that’s not your life (and I’m supremely jealous). But when you think about it, we do a LOT nowadays. We get up, then bounce around like a ball in a pinball machine from work, home, soccer practice, play rehearsal, ballet lessons, doing homework, putting the kids to sleep (if you have kids, but you get the idea) and so on. And even if you manage to complete all the necessary odds-and-ends that “being you” entails, something else always comes up, like the freaking car breaking down, which, of course, will have to be fixed. Yet something else to take away from your precious free time, of which there is already too little.

So when are you supposed to “get away from it all?”

Your eyes light up, like a child that’s been told he can have a cookie if he eats all his peas. “A vacation,” you say with wonder. “But, I’m far too busy/don’t have the money/my term paper’s due on Monday/insert-string-of-other-excuses.”

Relax. What if I told you that you could take a mini-vacation right in your own home?

But wait! What if I told you that you didn’t have to drop a dime for this all-inclusive, all-expenses-paid trip?

It really is that awesome. And the best part is, it’s absolutely free and takes a minimal amount of time to add some much-needed R&R to your life.

Packing for your trip

You’ll need the following items in your “suitcase”:
  • A pen or pencil (or computer, preferably a laptop so you can lounge around)
  • Some paper (if you opt-out of the computer)
  • A glass of wine/soda/water or whatever suits your fancy
  • Thirty minutes of “alone time”
The four steps

Step 1: Pick your destination

Where are you going to pack your bags and go? Is it a picturesque cottage surrounded by your favorite flowers, or is it a gorgeous Caribbean beach? Think about where you would like to escape, and start typing/writing a) how you got there, and b) what it looks like (yeah, I say “look,” but include all the senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, feel, etc). Also, what are you wearing? Don’t hold back on any details! This is your vacation, and the more you describe it, the more you’ll feel like you’re there.

Step 2: Make your itinerary

Okay, so you have the place in mind. Now what are you going to do when you get there? Are you going to lounge around, basking in the sun, or are you going to curl up by the fireplace and watch the snow blanket the mountain side? What are some things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had a chance to try yet? It could be anything; hang gliding, snorkeling, ballroom dancing, etc. Be creative! (Tip: Be sure to describe the scenery, what you’re wearing, and so forth. It’ll help you feel like you’re actually there, and that’s the whole point!)

Step 3: Take along a friend… or create one

If you want to take along your hubby/wife/BFF/mom/dad/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/cat, then do it. Or for you single, hopeless romantics out there… you could “bump into” Mr./Ms. tall-dark-and-delicious at your vacation spot. ;)

Step 4: Get into some mischief

This is the step that makes this literal “dream vacation” so much cooler than the one you could take in real-life. What makes it so special? You have the ability to go completely crazy and not have to pay the price for it. So go ahead. Be an adventurer, a dare devil, or the hero/heroine. I give you complete permission to behave “out of character.” Have fun with it and relax.

That dream vacation: not just a desktop background anymore

Hopefully you’re feeling a bit more relaxed now (or maybe excited from some awesome adventure!). But it doesn’t have to end. You can keep coming back to this place whenever you’re feeling stressed-out, or when you’re bored. (“Going on vacation” is an especially great way to calm down before going to sleep.)

Have fun, and happy travels.

About the author

Krystle Jones was born and raised in the small, southern town of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Reading and writing have been lifelong passions of hers. In addition to being a novelist, she is also an award-winning flutist, and moonlights as a voice actress. Her voice can be heard in the popular online game, Alice is Dead 3. Visit her online at

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