Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Veiled Innocence

Veiled Innocence
by Krystle Jones
Book One of The Soul Cycle

Author's blurb:
Sometimes your greatest battles are fought from within.
Lianora has never placed much stock in the gods or in the lore of the land. She especially never believed the legends that spoke of a lost ancient magic, a magic woven from the fabric of people’s souls. So when she discovers the teardrop necklace, she thinks it to be nothing special – until the visions begin, horrific glimpses of an approaching evil, mingled with fragments of a legendary empress’ shattered past.

Try as she might, Lianora cannot ignore the omens. As the visions worsen, she finds herself internally battling a shadowy voice that seems bent on consuming her whole. When tragedy strikes her home, she is forced to flee and team up with Vishka, a beautiful, fierce warrior shrouded in mystery, and Rowan, a brooding young knight. Together, the reluctant allies must find a way to conquer the darkness threatening to overtake the land of Eresea, and Lianora will have to come to terms with the destiny she never asked for.

My thoughts on this book:
Veiled Innocence has an excellent mix of just about everything: adventure, action, romance, fantasy, magic.  There are a few instances of incorrect grammar and typos, and the main character, Lianora, seemed to change her personality quite a bit.  She would be bold and daring one minute and shy and unsure of herself the next; however, she is a 17 year old girl, so this is to be expected, and it is realistic that she would act that way. I had trouble following the story and keeping up with who some of the characters were in the beginning, but there were enough plot twists and excitement to hold my attention and keep me interested.  Overall, this is a captivating read for young adults and even older adults who are interested in this genre.  The cliffhanger ending served its purpose, because I am definitely wanting to know what happens next and awaiting the release of the next book.

You can find Krystle Jones at her website, on Twitter, and Facebook.

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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