Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Day No One Played Together by Donalisa Helsley - Children's Book Review

by Donalisa Helsley
Illustrated by Sarah Harky
Published by Mirror Publishing
First Published in September 2011

For ages 3-9. Jadyn and Genesis want to play together but neither one wants to play what the other wants to. What will they do? Will they be able to brainstorm and find a way to play together? Will they play alone? "The Day No One Played Together" teaches an important lesson in a fun way. Join these sisters in the first of their series.

Darian’s Review:
The Day No One Played Together is about two sisters, both wanting to play, and neither agreeing on what they should do. In a huff, they storm off in separate ways to play by themselves, but that isn’t any fun sitting by yourself with no one to talk to. Then Mom teaches them the word ‘compromise’, and soon the girls have lots of ideas of ways to play together.

This was a very sweet read with adorable illustrations. This is a perfect book for parents to introduce the idea of compromise to your children, or to give them that gentle reminder slightly older kids sometimes need.

I have two kids, seven years apart from the other, so you can imagine that I hear, “Mom, I want to sing but he wants to play cars!” a lot, with both of my kids storming toward me to whine their tale of woes. And today was no exception. I sat them down, and we read the book together.

It was just the little reminder my daughter needed that it’s more fun to play with her brother, than it is to sit in her room alone. And a great introduction of compromise for my son, that girls don’t always want to play cars and robots. Not long after, they were peacefully playing together, having compromised, and Mommy could get back to work.

My son loves being read to, and my daughter loves to read, and this book is wonderful for them to do together and sends them a good message while reading. Two thumbs up from this Mom who, thanks to this book, is now listening to giggles instead of whining!

A copy was provided by the author for review.

About the Author:
Donalisa is an award winning children's author. Donalisa lives in Oklahoma with her husband, David, her daughters, Jadyn and Genesis and their miniature schnauzer, Shadow. She is "Wild About Reading." Donalisa has written many stories since she was a child. She is a social worker and has worked with children for over 12 years. Donalisa is finishing her Masters in Social Work so that she can be a therapist for children and adolescents.

You can find Donalisa on her website, Twitter and Facebook.

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