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Nightmares and Dreams by Lyn Miller Lacoursiere - Review

Nightmares and Dreams 
by Lyn Miller Lacoursiere
First published: January 2007

Nightmares and Dreams is a blend of murder, money and romance. Of two people unable to break the ties of young love.

Lindy Lewis now a feisty adventuress, is forced to face life alone in the mansion her husband and she had lovingly renovated. Alone and insecure about the future after he dies and believing she would find contentment again if she is rich, she feels life has forced her to take some drastic measures. She commits a crime.

Reed Connors a successful retired lawyer, now an investigator has one downfall, Lindy Lewis. The same woman he loved in college decades ago and much to his chagrin, can still manage to bring havoc to his life.

The two come face to face again in a casino in Northern Minnesota as Lindy escapes from a killer who threatens her life and her newly acquired precious fortune. While Reed has been assigned to investigate a fraudulent crime to his company, he is stunned to discover the the offender is none other than his ex-lover, Lindy Lewis. This sets off a series of dangerous encounters as once again their lives become entangled.

Darian's Review:
Lindy Lewis, a woman who, understandably so, lost part of herself the day her husband died. The happiness that life brought is lost forever, and she knows it. Yet Lindy concocts the idea maybe she can attain a different kind of happiness, through wealth and a life of ease. She burns down her beloved home to collect the insurance money, sure that her new found stature will spur on a fairytale-like adventure. But her adventure holds no resemblance to the daydream she thought it would, and finds herself on the run from the law, a former lover, a con man, and a drug dealer. Desperately clinging to the illusion of happiness through money, she forges on, deeper into the nightmare disguised as freedom.

Lacoursiere is like a master painter with words, the way she can so beautifully craft descriptions of the most seemingly ordinary details. Her painted words – carefully chosen, delicate and subtle, creating the most vivid images I have read in quite some time. The words blended and flowed with each other, into an exquisite dance on the page bringing the scene to life.

The main portion of the story is based on Lindy’s being on the run, hoping to vanish from those chasing her, yet slamming into hurdle after hurdle along the way. The plot moves at a decent pace, never too relaxed or sluggish, supporting the feeling of urgency Lacoursiere is trying to show. The tension between Lindy and Reed, her former lover from college, is undeniable. Something in Lindy always turns her thoughts back to him, stirring temptation to stop running and find love in his arms again. And the connection is just as strong with Reed, sensing her need for help without her even asking for it. Lacoursiere handled their history and unchanged bond very well, portraying an undying love, which perhaps might never be. Lacoursiere has done well here, pulling me into that tension, wanting to shake the pages, so anxious for them to rekindle their love and get back together!

Where I did struggle with this book was the amount of inner monologue and lack of a dialogue. There were a few instances when the inner monologue, the characters just thinking, I think dulled what could have been very powerful scenes. Lacoursiere is very talented with descriptive writing, but I feel at times she relied on that too heavily, telling us what I craved to be shown through a scene with dialogue.

Overall, I think this book gives a nod of appreciation to the writing of my childhood, before the world got into such a hurry, and I give two thumbs up for Lacoursiere’s talent in descriptive writing. I think someone who likes a lot of punch and action in a story through dialogue might not be able to sink their teeth into this. But, this book would be a fine fit for someone who loves to immerse themselves in every detail and feeling of a story.

About the author:
Lyn Miller LaCoursiere lives in Minnesota and has published numerous articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota Women's Press pertaining to life and its challenges. Her passion is relaxing by water anywhere; ocean, pond or puddle.

You can find Lyn on her website and the Lindy Lewis Diaries blog.


  1. Thank you for the honest review. I don't know if I could get into this one. While her being on the run and chased by all these bad guys might be an interesting read, I don't think I could get past her crime. I don't think I could be sympathetic to her since she torched her own house.

  2. Nice review, but I have to agree with Linda, she seems selfish and superficial. she committed a crime for greed, so in my opinion she deserve to have those men hunting her.

  3. Nice review, but I have to agree with Linda, she committed a crime for greed. she deserves to be hunted.

  4. Sound intriguing to me... (adds to Wish List)... I live in the area where the book is set. People who are grieving often do crazy things. Funny - main characters of Ocean 11, Ocean 12, Ocean 13 committed crimes, and seems like millions of people were rooting for them (smile). There are shades of gray...



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