Saturday, January 28, 2012

Darian Wilk, Crazy Lady with a Pen, joins Krazy Book Lady

Darian Wilk, author of Love Unfinished and blogger at Crazy Lady with a Pen, is joining Krazy Book Lady! Darian understands indie authors because she is one! I am very excited to have her join us.

About Darian:
A fondness for books was not a natural occurrence for Darian as a child.  But after her mom forced her to sit and read, she quickly fell in love.  She immersed herself in the ever changing world of stories; where the hero was a villain, or where eternal love was just a page away.  She found her freedom in books; she could be anyone, go anywhere, all through the beauty of words on a page.  It was from that love of words that she found her passion in writing and published her debut novel, Love Unfinished.

Her favorite genres to read are women’s fiction/chic lit, mystery/crime, suspense, and historical romance.  She also enjoys general fiction, non-fiction, ‘clean’ romance, and the occasional YA.  When not reading, Darian spends her time writing, raising her two kids, being with her husband and relaxing with friends.  

Besides here and the Crazy Lady with a Pen blog, you can find Darian on her site, Twitter, GoodReads, and Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. I love Darian she's a great addition to your team!



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