Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet the new Krazy Book Ladies - Kayla & Karon

It seems only fitting that my 100th post is made to introduce my two new Krazy Book Ladies, Kayla and Karon. It must have been fate that they both have K names, which goes perfectly with Krazy Book Lady. I am very excited to have both of them on board. I will still be here, but they will also be contributing reviews. Kayla is also bringing in the Top Ten Tuesday meme.

Kayla has suffered from bibliophilia her entire life. When she was a baby, she slept with her books instead of dolls and started reading at an unnaturally young age. Kayla realized early on that each book was its own little world and that she can be there as long as she is reading. Due to this, she has an embarrassingly large library of her favorite books – sometimes multiple copies – because she revisits her favorite worlds again and again. Some of Kayla’s favorite genres are science fiction, nearly all subgenres of fantasy, historical fiction, and horror. She has recently started reading young adult books and is enjoying every minute of it. Kayla also collects rare and autographed books. The prize of her collection is a first edition of a work published in the 1890s.

The pull and love of books is very strong, so Kayla became a librarian. She loves being able to promote reading in her community and sharing her passion with her patrons. When she is not working or reading, Kayla enjoys spending time with her devious five-year-old daughter, painting, cooking, writing, and stalking her favorite authors on Twitter.

Update: Unfortunately, Karon did not work out. However, Kayla is still providing reviews and the Top Ten Tuesday posts, and Darian has also joined us.

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  1. Karon - Go Krazy! I can't wait to read your reviews! Best to you on this new adventure.



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