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A Million Reasons to Read a Book by Georgina Morales

Guest post by Georgina Morales

Since I started blogging, a little over a year ago, I’ve met a lot of people who either write books, or read books; either way, we all have in common our love for the written word. Then, today I came across a web dedicated to spread the love of reading not among those like us, but to light or non-habitual readers. It blew my mind. I’d never thought that the way to go would be to reach those who are non-lovers and try to convert them. The idea is simple enough and, though I’m not sure how successful it is, I think it is praiseworthy.

The movement is called World Book Night and it works like this: On April 23rd, UNESCO’s World Book Day, up to fifty thousand volunteers will go out into our streets and give twenty books to perfect strangers for free. The initiative started last year in the U.K. and Ireland successfully, and the idea is to see it expand into many more countries. The books are all paperback editions donated by several sponsors who also take it upon them to see the books delivered to the closest library of each one of the volunteers who will give them for free.

The organization is now in need of those volunteers who will reach the communities. The requirements are simple: Go out on Monday April 23rd and hand up to twenty books to perfect strangers or people you think are not frequent readers. You won’t have to pay a thing and you could change someone’s life for the better. I know books have helped me go through the worst time in my life.

Now, what I think would make this work even better is if you had access to a captured audience, say, a young reading group, or a knitting club… you know what I mean. A group where there could be a follow up but without pressure, that way the receiver might feel more compelled to actually read the book and not throw it under his/her bed.

Anyway, follow this link if you are interested in the movement and would like to contribute. Take care, and happy reading.

About the author:
GEORGINA MORALES is a horror writer, author of short stories and novels. Her works have appeared in Anthologies such as PostMortem Press’ ISOLATION: AN ANTHOLOGY OF NEW HORROR. Her debut novel PERPETUAL NIGHT explores the thin line between dreams and nightmares, reality and insanity. She’s also a reviewer for Dark River Press.

Born in Mexico City, Georgina was always divided between the world of the paranormal, the religious, and science, even as a kid. She studied medicine and through years in hospitals, she lived and heard all kinds of creepy tales. Now a writer, she portrays the world of the strange. Her interest in exploring her fears and how others perceive reality mixed with her scientific background and love for Latin American novels make her style unique and her stories a trip.

To know more about the author, follow her on her blog, Diary of a Writer in Progress, on Facebook, Goodreads, or Book Blogs.

Perpetual Night by Georgina Morales
Life at fifteen is complicated with hormones and belligerence but what if you throw in the mix nightmares that torment you even when awake? What if everything you hold dear threatened to slip through your fingers? PERPETUAL NIGHT follows Lilibeth Royster's search for the truth in a world where the here and the beyond get tangled; where every clue opens new horrors; where uncovering her secret might threaten more than her sanity, her life.

You can purchase Perpetual Night at Amazon, Smashwords, Postmortem Press, Barnes & Noble

Note: Because I was back and forth on if this cover would be appropriate to display since I try to keep the blog family friendly, I chose to not do so. You can see the cover at the sites above or on Goodreads. Thank you for understanding!

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